Oska Bright Film Festival 2019 Launch Night
Wednesday 23 October, 6pm - 9.30pm,
£5 (Any two screenings £8),
Festival Pass £30

Join us at the launch of Oska Bright Film Festival 2019. We’ll be opening the festival with a keynote speech from artist and filmmaker Eleana Re plus two screenings exploring the wide ranging identities of learning disabled people; It Me and Queer Freedom. Read on to find out more about these screenings.

‘It Me’

Take a deep dive in to the different ways we, as learning disabled people, express ourselves and navigate the world. This screening is a celebration of what makes us unique and gives us an identity.

Content notes: contains strong language, sexual themes and mild violence.

The Rite .png

The Rite
Adam Csoka Keller, 5mins 45secs, UK

Culture Device is a group comprised of dancers with Down’s syndrome. They present views on working in the arts, Spring and having an extra chromosome.


Force of Habit
Tamsin Parker, 3mins 42secs, UK

As an autistic person, I struggled to understand myself. Then I watched 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' and saw myself reflected in the protagonist, Tuco.

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What It Feels Like
Steven Fraser, 2mins 59secs, UK

An experimental and expressive animated documentary that investigates voice hearing. Positives and negatives combine to express misunderstood behaviour.


What Is Normal? Who Decides?
Eleana Re, 4mins, UK

Autism is not always well understood. Here artist Eleana Re gives a very personal insight into what's it like for her. Step into her very orange world…


Creatures and Things
Sam Fenton, 12mins 44secs, UK

Ben works in a factory and lives alone with his hairless cat. When he’s invited to a birthday party he’s forced to step out of his routine and into a confusing situation.


Tom McCarthaigh, 2mins, UK

Following an alien outsider as he travels to earth to try to make a connection. Produced by biggerhouse film / 104films.


Bugsy Steel, 7mins 30secs, UK

Ten minutes before a match, a teenage boxer with Down’s syndrome fights for his right to get in the ring. An exploration of amateur boxing and freedom of choice.


Shakespeare in Tokyo
Bus Stop Films, 20mins, Australia

A Shakespeare fan with Down’s syndrome, sets off on an adventure to discover Tokyo and get away from his over-bearing older brother.


Radial Dundee
Back to Back Theatre, 7mins 46secs, Australia

A continuous sequence of action, capturing the beautiful idiosyncrasies of people, bodies, communities and landscapes.

Queer Freedom

Our extremely popular Queer Freedom strand returns. We explore the intersection of queerness and disability with films about gender, friendships and the importance of language.


Born to Dance with an Extra Chromosome
Nikolay Nikolov, 9mins 42secs, UK

Drag Syndrome are superstars who have entirely changed the conversation about Down’s syndrome and drag, encouraging us all to embrace our inner diva.

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Lipstick Fights
Jon Mitchell, 3mins, UK

Jon Mitchell was mentored to create a poem, visuals and soundscape exploring gender and his deeply personal struggle with his own identity.


Enid & Valerie
Matthew Kennedy & Vitoria Bastos, 2mins 07secs, UK

A short venture into the dreams of lone spinster, Valerie, where she meets Enid (a witch). Could this be the start of an unlikely friendship?

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Loving Our Language: Pride in Disability Culture
Jen Sungshine & David Ng, 6mins 09secs, Canada

This film explores queerness and disability, looking at the ways that culture and language are also part and parcel of many other communities.

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VAF 2018
Jessica Laurent, 1min 28secs, Denmark

Two girls in two countries are not as different as they seem to be. Can the VAF green dog help them to realise that?

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Roberta Cowell’s Story
Melissa Joan Clifford, 1min 10secs, UK

A short detailing the life and achievements of one of the most prolific British Trans Women of the 20th century.