Oska Bright is driven by a vision to disrupt the norm and bring real representation of learning disabled people into our cinemas and onto our screens. We are committed to improving access to cinema for learning disabled people by removing barriers and supporting venues and other exhibitors to diversify their audiences. We’re here to challenge and support the industry to change, and to be more inclusive and representative of the diverse society it serves.

With over 30 years expertise in engaging and retaining learning disabled audiences, we have contacts across the UK and can connect you with filmmakers, local SEN schools and colleges, day centres and groups.

If you're a national venue or exhibitor and would like our help, we can do this in a number of ways:

Two front of house staff members welcome an audience member to their venue.

Customer Service Training

We’ll help you to feel confident about welcoming learning disabled audience members into your venue. We will provide practical advice on simple adaptations and customer service tips which will help learning disabled audience members feel at ease and supported in your venue.

We can help you to research, reach and retain a local learning disabled audience.

A full audience sit and watch a film at the Oska Bright Film Festival.

Venue Walk-through Video

We will help people with learning disabilities, autism and additional needs to feel more confident and better prepared to come to your venue by producing a high quality venue walk-through video [see example].

The video will highlight the supportive, welcoming environment at your venue and give audiences and insight into what to expect when they arrive.

A learning disabled man surveys a piece of art.

Learning Disabled Reviewers

Deepen your connection with a local learning disabled audience by inviting them to experience your programme, review the things they have seen and talk about their experiences. We’ll help with connecting you to local learning disability groups and support them to take part in this initiative.

Reviews are published on the Carousel website and on Disability Arts Online.

Secret Shopper Venue Audit

We’ll help you to understand the needs and issues of learning disabled audiences coming to your venue.

We will support a learning disabled artist to choose from your programme and undertake and full ticket to seat experience.

You will receive a written report as feedback.