Oska Bright Film Festival has a long history of championing animators. The screening brings together long term submitters and new talent.

To hire this screening contact: or call 01273 234734.


A newsreader sits in front of a blue sky and the News at Ten logo. A still from short film, Breaking News.

Breaking News
Rami Mansour, 2mins 8secs, UK

Tune in to the weird and wonderful world of Breaking News. Aliens are in the local area and zombies are taking over the city.

A logo for the film Eye TV 2.

Eye TV 2
James Kurtze, 8mins, Australia

A Jaxtaposition New Media and animated film starring, and told through the eyes, of Dexter the cat. James and Dexter are thrust into a 1980's Jega video game.

A pumpkin and a squash with drawn on eyes and mouths. A still from short animation Halloween Massacre.

Halloween Massacre
Chris Rumens, 1min 54secs, UK

Imagine Jack-o-lantern-ing from the pumpkin's perspective.

Two yellow animated characters from short film, Trauma Tales.

Trauma Tales
Lissea Jordan, 3mins 9secs, UK

Based on one of Lissea's poems, on the subject of childhood trauma, the film explores the subject through an individual child's fairytale world.

A grandma with her head on a pillow. A still from short animation, Odd Funeral.

Odd Funeral
Felix Swahn, 13mins, Sweden

An old woman is dying., She wishes to have her ashes spread in the Tatra mountains, her favourite place. Her wish is the beginning of an odd road movie.

Two happy hedgehogs look at each other against a green background. A still from an animation called Prickly Pair.

Prickly Pair
Matthew Eggert, 1min 40secs, UK

A cat comes across a baby hedgehog. He must help him find his mother by working together. Can they do it?

A boy with red skin chats to a girl. A still from an animation called Tomboy Episode 2.

Tomboy Episode 2
Stuart Maiden, 11mins, UK

A mysterious alien falls to Earth and is found by Tom, Lily and Old Fred. The alien hopes to return home, but trouble is afoot.