Discover Oska Bright

Discover the talent of tomorrow with a selection of films made by young people, curated by a team of Young Programmers from Team Domenica. In association with Arts Award.

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A man with a walking stick and a man in a wheelchair head for a collision. A still from short film Brahim's Slapstick.

Brahim's Slapstick
Brahim Bouriche, 3mins, the Netherlands

Brahim loves slapstick. He sees fun in everything that happens. Especially when things go wrong, people fall over and throw cakes.

A mannequin of a woman stands in front of a wall made out of VHS tapes. A still from short film The Gruntles.

The Gruntles
SOLD Shoreham, 6mins 39secs, UK

Dark comedy about a family that run a shop. The Gruntles are lazy, cheap and they hate customers. A peculiar visitor comes along and changes everything...

A mother and child peer through a frosted round window. A still from short film, Aargh!

Manny Banerjee, 5mins 50secs, UK

A horror film about a mother and child who do not know what to do in a haunted house. From first time director, Manny Banerjee.

People dressed up in historical outfits enjoying a drink along a long table. A still from short film, Bruce.

Beacon Hill Arts, 3mins 2secs, UK

Part of the Hidden Histories series created for Newcastle Castle. It tells the tale of Mary Bruce who was captured and imprisoned in a castle.

A young couple walking along a beach promenade. A still from short film, One in a Million.

One in a Million
The Freewheelers Youth Theatre, 10mins 29secs, UK

Inspired by Chris Wood's song "One in a Million", this is the story of Billy who works in a fish and chip shop and his secret desire for the shop owner's daughter.

A teenage boy checks his watch at the top of a flight of stairs. A still from short film, Cup of Tea.

Cup of Tea
Beacon Hill Sixth Form, 1min 10secs, UK

Who will win the race to ask Maureen if she wants a cup of tea? Part of Into Film's 'See It Make It' programme.

A group of four young people, some dressed as the Lisel brothers, rowing over a dinner table. A still from short film, The Lisels.

The Lisels
Beacon Hill Arts, 2mins 47secs, UK

Part of the Hidden Histories series created for the Newcastle Castle in England. It tells the tale of the notorious Lisel brothers from Northumberland.

A factory boss argues with an illustrated bear. A still from short animation, Union Boss.

Union Boss
Mathieu Dutaud, 4mins 52secs, Canada

The Union Boss runs the Honeypot Factory with an iron grip. Who will stop him?

A werewolf and a skeleton look to the right. A still from short film, Monster Party.

Monster Party
Baginton Fields, Sherborne Fields and Oakwood Schools, 6mins 29secs, UK

Three friends go to a Halloween party and discover the guests are real vampires and ghosts. Can they escape?

A boy in a hat stands next to a llama. A still from a music video for Transitions: a Rap by 7B.

Transitions: a Rap by 7B
Class 7B, 1min 53secs, UK

Moving from a mainstream primary school to special education needs secondary school is a huge change for class 7B, but some changes are very exciting.