It's time to get some shut eye, but be prepared to have some weird and wonderful dreams.

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A man walks along a coastal path wearing an Al Murray mask. A still from short film, The Mask.

The Mask
Sharif Persaud, 3mins 46secs, UK

As Sharif journeys along the coast, he describes what it means to have autism while wearing his favourite celebrity mask.

A man in a suit lies in a forest hugging a rock. A still from short film A Safe Place to Rest.

A Safe Place to Rest
Graham Busby, 4mins, UK

Created in Wales with music from Deuair. Exploring responses to these surroundings and echoing Graham's restlessness and desire to find a place to rest.


Jacinta Blaxland, 50secs, Australia

A symbolic story of the birth and death of an idea, exploring these themes through ink animals and wonder.


Drumming is like Thunder
Alyx Duncan & Touch Compass Dance, 3mins 31secs, New Zealand

Through movement, song and storytelling Duncan shares his dream of performing in the top cities around the world.

it's like.jpg

It's Like
Craig Simpson, 5mins 30secs, UK

Dancer Craig Simpson invites six men to share in his dream-like presence. They want something he has when dancing, they want to inhabit his place.

a man without direction.jpg

Man Without Direction
Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, Pelle Öhlund & Nina Jemth, 14mins 49secs, Sweden

Dante's car breaks down and he finds himself more lost than ever. He finds a hotel where he can't check out.


Back to Back Theatre, 4mins, Australia

If we weren't here, we'd be in Hollywood. What makes dance political? Re-imagining dance, exploring what it means to be embodied.


Kirsty Griffin and Viv Kernick, 5mins 54secs, New Zealand

Celeste spends days surrounded by friends. She enjoys watching her favourite soaps. Lines between reality and fantasy blur.


Just Dance
Natalie Kennedy, 5mins 36secs, UK

A dance by DanceSyndrome; no words, the dancers say it all with their movements and expression. The film shows the healing power of dance.


Iskender Koekce and Barner 16, 3mins 26secs, Germany

Diversity connects. Actors of "Meine Damen und Herren" meet artists of "Hajusom"; music by Barner 16 meets 17 Motion.


Shadowlight Artists, 3mins 24secs, UK

Influenced by the great masters of landscape paintings, the artists imagine themselves as characters withing living landscape paintings.


Stuart Quinn, 3mins, UK

A poingnant study on how noise pollution affects us, and how an art space such as a cinema can offer respite from everyday urban city life.


Lola Danon, 5mins 5secs, UK

"Where am I? Sometimes I wonder if I'm really here. I have the power from one second to the other to completely disappear."


Barner 16, 3mins 10secs, Germany

An inclusive music project under the umbrella of the artists Barner 16, Hamburg. Based on ideas of the musicians working with fine artist Annette Wirtz.