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After Dark
Thursday 24 October, 8.30pm - 10pm
£5 (Any two screenings £8),
Festival Pass £30

Doors 8.30pm | Screening 9pm

Lets get weird! We’ve picked the most unexplained, unexpected and experimental films for our first ever
‘After Dark’ screening.

Content notes: contains strong language, sexual themes and violence.

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Friendly Fatherly Advice
John Burgio, 1min 39secs, USA

A father wants to pass on some advice about women to his son in an awkward car ride.


Time To Leave
Danny Smith & Roly Carline, 4mins 06secs, UK

Danny dances in a fish-god costume with iconography portraying the frustrations in his life; from the chaos he sometimes feels to the calm of a waterfall.


A Magical Evening
Arseni Okruashvili, 1min 28secs, Georgia

What is it that attracts certain bugs to lamps? Arseni takes a cheeky look at what happens when the lights come on!

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Ham ‘N’ Meat
Carousel, 20secs, UK

H&M is Ham and Meat. A digital art piece by Sarah Watson and Tina Dickinson in collaboration with Simon Wilkinson (Circa69).

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What’s The Time
William Hanekom, 7mins 14secs, UK

It’s a beautiful day in Margery Daw, the land where the Dollykins live. Red, Yellow and Blue live in the house together and go on a gentle walk in the forest.

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The Epistemology of Becoming
Katya Kan, 8mins, UK

This video art piece presents a spiritual mantra of positive transformation for the artist whilst struggling with her high-functioning autistic disorder.

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Life Like Colour
Birkir Sigurðsson, 5mins 08secs, Iceland

“Dreams in colours, I fear that I'm going to lose someone that I love, someone dear to my heart.” The film is a part of the Nordic collaboration Out by Art.


George ve Gänæaard & Horia Cucută, 2mins, Romania

Frederik attempts to create the safest place possible, where he is protected by his lovely walls in a room filled with guns.


Cameron S Mitchell, 6mins, USA

A robber's plan quickly goes awry when the store he has marked turns out to be full of disabled people.

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Silence Forever
Saman Aryanpour, 8mins 57secs, Iran

A girl's been caught in the dark and and hopes to be emancipated. An experimental short that looks at life through the eyes of a disabled woman.

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You Will Fail Her
Lennie Varvarides & Kazimir Bielecki, 10mins 28secs, UK

A one woman performance about mental health and the educational apartheid that blights British society.