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Thursday 24th October, 12pm - 2pm
£5 (Any two screenings £8),
Festival Pass £30

Doors 12pm | Screening from 12.30pm | Panel discussion from 1.30pm

Different animation styles are used to show the journeys people can go on; from finding your own way in the world to self discovery and even more literal journeys from one place to another.

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Carlotta’s Face
Fabian Driehorst, 5mins, Germany

Carlotta didn’t expect the people around here to have faces. She doesn’t even recognise her own face until she learns about a rare deficit of her brain.


How I Was Born
Erica Sutherland, 4mins 24secs, USA

In this world cats are only born from smoke and after a set amount of time they disappear. We follow a cat born at a funeral, searching to find his origins.


LiLAC Group, 3mins 50secs, UK

A reflection of life in Leeds, a forecast for a trip out in (un)predictable weather. Animator Rozi Fuller and Puppeteer Liz Walker’s response to LiLAC's poem.

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The Unusual Bath Of Mr Otmar
Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce, 14mins 25secs, Croatia

Mr Otmar is sentenced to a psychiatric treatment with the aim of returning him to socially acceptable frameworks.


Ballad of Madness
Chris Rumens, 4mins 03secs, UK

A wild tale of a My Little Pony character who works to unite the two sides of his personality. An animated film set to an original song by Mike Fry.

Satellite Wolf.png

Satellite Wolf
Tim Poulton, 4mins 25secs, UK

A man looks at a photo album remembering his life; when he reaches the end he realises the mistake he once made. A sad tale about what could have been.


Balloons Ahoy
Matthew Eggert, 1min 37secs, UK

This film is about the harm plastic can do without us realising, or meaning to hurt anyone. One balloon can be enough!

Snowball Effect
Teagan Nash, 3mins 21secs, USA

Lost on an expedition, a young explorer must find the way back to their team. This is Teagan Nash’s first film. It was made almost entirely on a mobile device.

Squirrel and the Crow .png

Squirrel and Crow
Guillermo Gomez, 3mins 40secs, USA

In this hand-drawn animated film, a crow has an encounter with a squirrel, and learns a valuable lesson in communication and compassion.


The Train
Aaron Dunbar, 5mins 48secs, USA

"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral." A tale of artistic obsession.