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Dance and Music
Thursday 24th October, 1.45pm - 3.30pm
£5 (Any two screenings £8),
Festival Pass £30

Doors 1.45pm | Screening from 2pm | Panel discussion from 3pm

Music and dance is an important part of self expression. The learning disabled music and dance scene is booming and bursting with talent. Here's some of the very best.

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Laufen, Springen, Werfen' (Running, Jumping, Throwing)
Back To Back Theatre, 4mins 22secs, Australia

A collaborative film shot over three days in multiple locations throughout Berlin with The Thikwa Ensemble and Back to Back Theatre as part of No Limits Festival.

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Oh Andrew
Jeff Johns, 2mins 38secs, UK

Jeff's song, composed for his uncle Andrew, born in the 1950s when attitudes to disability were very different. Produced by biggerhouse film / 104 films.

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It’s A Wonderful City
The Daniel Wakeford Experience and Daisy Dickinson Films, 2mins 45secs, UK

Join Daniel Wakeford as he takes you on a sunshine filled tour of his hometown, Brighton.

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Bea’s Dream
Barner16, 4mins 05secs, Germany

The ambitious singer Bea tells us about her love for her manager and boyfriend Torben.

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Softly Hearing
Lizzie Emeh, 3mins 29secs, UK

A new Lizzie Emeh song about her hearing. It’s about expressing yourself, not just through words but through facial expressions, sounds and visuals.

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Kill Off
Genevieve Clay-Smith, 15mins 46secs, Australia

American Horror Story's Jamie Brewer stars as Sonja, a woman who forms an unlikely friendship with a Sudanese refugee through their mutual love of KRUMP.

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I Am A Very Special Being
Marcus Mandal, 3mins 46secs, Denmark

"I am clever but not sly". 40-year-old Christian is diagnosed with autism. In this song he sings about who he is.

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Stopgap In Motion
Stephen Featherstone, 4mins 40secs, UK

Photographs of performers come to life, dancing out of photos and across table tops until the whole company meet and perform in unison.

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Your Rocky Spine
Ray Jacobs, 4mins, UK

Three couples travel through a landscape, the surrounding landscape is echoed in their bodies and emotions turning into dance.