Be In! Network of Accessible Festivals Short Film Selection
Saturday 26th October, 3.30pm - 5.30pm

Doors 3.30pm | Screening 4pm | Panel discussion 5pm

Short film festivals are popular all over Europe, but few programme films like these. The five festivals in our European network want to shake up the scene.

Kanatlari Olmayan Kus_2.jpg

Accessible FF presents: The Bird Has No Wings
Mert Tugen, 4mins 40secs, Turkey

There are four birds in an environment where the water in the sky is separated by glass. But the smallest of these birds does not have wings to fly. One day, the lights reflected from the above glass cause a fire.

An Elephant on The Moon_1.jpg

EFF Integration You and Me presents: An Elephant On The Moon Benjamin Barthélémy, 9mins, France

Paris by night. It’s stormy and raining a lot. Lightning hits a 'handicapped' traffic sign and the 20cm white guy in the wheelchair falls on the ground and comes alive. Because everything in this giant raining world is a danger to him, he decides go to the moon by stolen balloon.


Festival Inclús presents: Fear
Carlos de Antonio, 6mins, Spain

There’s nothing more frightening than being afraid in your own home, but ... what are you afraid of?


Klappe Auf! Short FF presents: Coldstar
Kai Stänicke, 7mins 30secs, Germany

A boy experiences new desires while watching a man at an indoor swimming pool. Forced up the diving platform by a rowdy gang, he receives help from an unexpected source. Cold Star is an appeal for acceptance of your own and others sexual identity.

four solos in the wild.jpg

Oska Bright Film Festival presents: A Safe Place To Rest
Ray Jacobs, 5mins 25secs, UK

Created in Wales with music from Deuair. Exploring responses to these surroundings and echoing Graham’s restlessness and desire to find a place to rest.


TEFF presents: Macropolis
Joel Simon, 7mins, UK

The story of two reject toys who escape from the factory. Determined to rejoin the other toys, they lose themselves in the big city. Shot in an unusual combination of stop motion, CGi and time-lapse photography, this short film is animated entirely on the streets of Belfast.