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Portrait of the Artist
Thursday 24 October, 5.30pm - 7pm
£5 (Any two screenings £8),
Festival Pass £30

Doors 5.30pm | Live Portraits from 5pm - 6pm | Screening from 6pm

A series of documentaries looking at the different ways learning disabled artists work creatively. Groundbreaking artist studios are investigated and individual artists processes and mediums are explored.

Content notes: contains strong language.


Collecting of Memories
Mark Hemsworth & Naomi Morris, 6mins 42secs, UK

Mark Hemsworth has been collecting photographs of particular subjects for many years including aircraft, sunsets, the moon, flowers, landscapes and birds.


The Magic of Cinema
Linda Curtin, 6mins, Ireland

An experimental documentary made with a group of artists who are exploring the cinematic medium through their own process.

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You and Eye
Hugo Karlsson, 4mins 25secs, Sweden

What happens when your drawings come to life? A man works at his desk and is surprised when his illustrations become a new friend.


Creative Process
Jess Levine, 2mins 13secs, UK

“My film was made last year by a friend, to record different aspect of my work as a contemporary abstract artist specialising in mixed media and collage work.”

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Art Studio 001
Tanya Rabbe Webber, 2mins 13secs, UK

Take a look inside ArtStudio001 Artists Collective’s studio and see what we do as artists and the different ways we work.

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Soap Bubbles
Walter Uehr & Andreas Gruetzner, 3mins, Germany

Walter Uehr brought the art of creating soap bubbles to perfection in his 79 years of lifetime, whether filled with smoke as chains or dancing on his arm.


Joe Langham, 32mins 51secs, Spain

An investigation into the work of a professional design studio which harnesses the unique skills of a creative team with Down's Syndrome and autism.


Erica Sutherland, 4mins 24secs, USA

In this film Mary Decesar tells her story. She discusses her struggles as a child, how she discovered art, and how making art impacts her life.

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Carding Mill Valley
Krisstel Bentley, 1min 11secs, UK

“I had someone mentoring me called Beverly Fry and we went to Carding Mill Valley to do outdoor drawing using an iPad.”