Queer Freedom

Our brand new LGBTQIA+ screening, celebrating the queer community, love and self expression. 

To hire this screening contact: lizzie.banks@carousel.org.uk or call 01273 234734.


Drag Queen Tia Anna walks down a corridor. A still from the documentary 'A Life on Two Spectrums'

Life on Two Spectrums
Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton, 6mins, UK

The film follow 'Tia Anna', a drag queen with Asperger's Syndrome who founded A.S.P.E.C.S to address the needs of the neurodiverse LGBTQ+ community. 

A still from the short film John and Michael. A young boy peers through a door and waves.

John and Michael
Shira Avni, 10mins, Canada

This animated short pays tribute to two men with Down's Syndrome who shared an intimate and profoundly loving relationship that deeply affected the filmmaker.

A close up on the eyes of Pili, from the short documentary Pili and Me.

Pili and Me
Ignacio Garcia Sanchez, 8mins, Spain

Pili has Down's Syndrome and her inability to say what she wants makes her nephew reflect on the importance of listening, using home movies from three generations.

A shot from the animation 'Versions' by Matthew Kennedy.

Matthew Kennedy, 1min 49secs, UK

A film about individual identities and family ties, Versions takes you through the biological and the unknown using collage and silhouettes.