Oska Bright Pin Badge of a Mans Head, designed by Billy Mather. Pinned to black denim.

Oska Bright Pin Badge

High quality soft enamel pin badge, featuring ‘The Man’, designed by Billy Mather. Looks great on a denim jacket.

A folded Oska Bright Film Festival tea towel showing design by Billy Mather.

Oska Bright Tea Towel

Screen printed, 100% cotton tea towels with design by Billy Mather. Packaged in a recycled brown card wrap.

An Oska Bright Film Festival white tote bag with illustrated design by Billy Mather - features a man on a chair with a megaphone.

Oska Bright Tote Bag

Cotton Tote Bags featuring design by Billy Mather.Tote bag dimensions are 380mm wide x 410mm deep.